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e-HID Fittings

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting remains the standard source for most high bay applications as HID lamps give the highest efficacy levels (up to 150 lm/W) and will provide the most homogeneous distribution of light for buildings with high ceilings.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting accounts for 27% of all lighting worldwide (however, for industrial and commercial lighting this share can be up to 50% which can have a significant impact upon your buildings energy costs) and until now magnetic HID ballasts could only switch on and off.

Our Luxon range of wireless electronic e-HID light fittings gives you the ultimate in control. They produce better light output from the energy used and can include a full range of lighting controls including daylight harvesting, movement detection and dimmers.

These fittings have bi-directional functionality, providing real-time feedback (either by location or by site) on energy use, money savings, carbon reduction, lamp life and lamp replacement times to enhance your maintenance programme and lighting strategy.

Also each ballast has its own Power Factor Correction to ensure you only use least amount of energy to power the lamp and this in turn ensures that the Luxon range produces less heat and can give additional savings in HVAC environments such as cold storage.

The Luxon range of electronic HID lighting can achieve energy savings of up to 65% on its own but when it is used as part of a blended total lighting solution the savings are even higher and when you factor in the maintenance savings the ROI is usually under 2 years.

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