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Induction Light Fittings

Induction light fittings are typically used to replace 250w-400w sodium/metal halide lighting as it provides a high quality light with instant on/off capabilities and can give energy savings of up to 80%.

Induction lighting is a proven lighting technology that has been around for over 100 years. Due to recent advancements in electronic ballast/generator technology, it has more recently become a viable option for the commercial and industrial sectors.

An Induction Lamp is similar to a fluorescent lamp in that mercury in a gas fill inside the bulb is excited, emitting UV radiation that, in turn, is converted into visible white light by the phosphor coating on the bulb. Fluorescent lamps, however, use electrodes inside the bulb to strike the arc and initiate the flow of current - each time the arc is struck, the electrodes degrade a little, eventually causing the lamp to flicker and then fail.

Induction lamps differ in that they do not use internal electrodes, but use a high-frequency generator with a power coupler. The generator produces a radio frequency magnetic field to excite the gas inside the lamp.

With no electrodes, the lamp lasts longer - in fact, typically up to 100,000 hours, with the lamp producing 70% of its original light output at 60,000 hours.

In other words, their rated life is 5-7 times longer than metal halide and about seven times longer than T12HO fluorescent.

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