Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

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As LED lighting technology has developed, many of the clients we visit are keen to take advantage of the benefits of LED when looking to update their existing lighting; however, it is not always good practise to simply replace an existing fitting for an equivalent rated LED fitting, like we may do at home, and clients should fully consider the optimum lighting solution for their premises.

LED lighting technology has its advantages and disadvantages over other forms of light commonly found in commercial lighting, such as Sodium, Metal Halide and Fluorescents.  When we are carrying out a lighting audit we take into account many factors to help develop a proposed lighting design to ensure not only does it meet with current regulations but that the clients requirements are met.

We look at light levels required (Lumen) for different working environments, colour temperature, uniformity of light distribution, the working environment – is it dirty or clean, the height fittings are to be mounted and many other considerations. This enables BLE as a company to offer the client the optimum energy efficient lighting solution using the most appropriate technology