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Plastex | Flexible plastic extruders, tensional strapping and vinyl matting manufacturers

Plastex - Efficient lighting saving strapped up!!
Client: Plastex Group

Where: Wickford, Essex, UK

Industry: Flexible plastic extruders, tensional strapping and vinyl matting manufacturers

Plastex Group, established in 1962, is a world leading plastic extruder and manufacturer of polypropylene and polyester tensional strapping and vinyl matting. The Group has round-the-clock manufacturing facilities in Wickford, Essex (England) and Fort Payne, Alabama (USA) and produces one million kilometers of strapping every year – enough to wrap the globe twenty five times!

The business is committed to a vigorous environmental policy that incorporates the extensive use of recycled materials, the re-use of all production scrap and trimmings, and the continuous upgrade of machinery to incorporate latest energy efficiencies. Therefore when an audit revealed that light levels within the factory, warehouse and reception in Wickford were poor, Managing Director David O’Sullivan recognised the opportunity to upgrade the entire lighting system to improve illumination levels, reduce energy consumption and save money.

As part of a grant application, Plastex chose BLE Energy Save to audit and analyse the existing lighting system at Wickford, and to supply and install the replacement equipment recommended. BLE Energy Save provided a comprehensive service which included a simulated light rendering plan plus a light output test after installation. The existing 250W SON lowbay fittings were replaced with 200W induction lowbay luminaires, which not only consume significantly (at least 20%) less energy they also dramatically reduce the maintenance cost and disruption because of their 100,000 hour life.

The annual cost saving for this project was £7884 for the energy alone, and the payback time for this investment was 1.99 years.

Key energy saving facts
Annual energy saving: £7,884
Annual maintenance saving: £2,859
Payback on investment: 1.99 years