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Lowe & Fletcher | Lock manufacturer

Energy saving begins at home with Lowe & Fletcher
Client: Lowe & Fletcher

Where: Wednesbury, West Midlands, UK

Industry: Lock manufacturer

Size: 65,000 sq ft factory with offices

BLE Energy Save, the market leading lighting and power energy specialist, recently put 'its money where its mouth is' and underwent an extensive project to review and reduce the energy consumption throughout the purpose built lock manufacturing plant of its owner, Lowe & Fletcher.

Using sophisticated analysis tools, BLE engineers counted and logged the existing equipment and historic energy consumption data. Future energy usage was then projected using replacement equipment and the results used to calculate the energy saving expected. This, in turn, gave an accurate indication of the pay-back period for the project outlay.

For energy consumption alone, the total project offered a three year pay-back period. With maintenance time and costs included in the calculations, the pay-bank period was just under two years.

A combination of LED light fittings and induction lighting was used for the revised lighting design. New LED floodlights and induction lighting units were fitted internally and externally throughout the factory and warehouse, and the existing T8 switch start office lighting was replaced with T5 light fittings. The induction lighting uses a minimum of 50% less energy and has a longevity of at least ten times that of conventional lighting - up to 60,000kWh compared to 6-8,000kWh.

For the factory, the energy cost alone dropped by 59% per year; for the office, energy bills reduced by 56%, and the external lighting by 92%. In total, the existing energy spend for the Wednesbury plant was reduced by over 63% - a saving of £18,340 per annum. However, the real savings are even greater when the maintenance and disruption costs are considered.

Key energy saving facts
Annual energy saving: £18,340
Payback on investment: 3.02 years