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Euro Garages | Fuel retailers & forecourts

Fast and effective fuel forecourt fix from BLE
Client: Euro Garages Limited

Where: Midlands & North of England, UK

Industry: Fuel retailers & forecourts

Size: Sites vary between 1,000 & 10,000 sq ft

Euro Garages Limited, the UK’s third largest privately owned forecourt operators, has recently completed a pilot with BLE Energy Save which paves the way for the roll out of new, upgraded lighting systems across their rapidly growing network of petrol stations.

Euro Garages Limited was set up in 2001 with just one fuel forecourt. Ten years later, in 2011, the business had over 70 sites, employed over one thousand people and turned over £305million. Earlier this year (2013) the business acquired 45 Esso sites and is still rapidly expanding, supported by partnerships with stellar brands such as Subway, Starbucks and Burger King.

Previous LED conversions, carried out by third parties, had been unsatisfactory as the lighting quality and characteristics were unsuitable to the garage forecourt environment, so Euro Garages turned to BLE Energy Save for a solution. Following a comprehensive audit, the team at BLE Energy Save recommended induction luminaires to offer improved CRI and then carried out a retrofit to the existing housings using 150W induction light fittings and ballasts. The end result contributed to a reduction in energy use over the previous lighting schemes of over 50% and significantly lower maintenance costs going forward.

Over the next two years, BLE Energy Save will be upgrading the lighting at many of the remaining Euro Garage sites across the Midlands and North of England.

To find out more about this project, or to learn how much your business could save, call BLE Energy Save on 01246 432 325 or email us today.

Key energy saving facts
Annual energy saving: £2,660
Payback on investment: 0.78 years